Relationships for Reconciliation

Concordis International: Finding Unity in Diversity

Understanding through Engagement

Concordis International: Supporting Reconciliation

Building Peace Through Dialogue

In Sudan, South Sudan, Mauritania and Côte d\'Ivoire

Independent, Impartial and Inclusive

Building Trust and Mutual Understanding

Finding New Possibilities for Peace

Working Across Conflict Boundaries

Our Mission: Concordis International works impartially alongside those involved in or affected by armed conflict, so that through dialogue they may build relationships of mutual trust and together develop and implement policies that improve human security and lay firm foundations for lasting peace.


Concordis International

Concordis International works alongside official peace processes to support lasting peace by building consensus on divisive issues.

Our Work

Concordis International is supporting post-conflict nation building in South Sudan, Mauritania and Côte d’Ivoire.

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